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  • Hunan Gofar Fine Chemical Industry Tech Co., Ltd, which lies near Dongting Lake, enjoys a very convenient transportation with Beijing-Guangzhou railway and Beijing-Zhuhai highway on its east, the Yangtze River on the west and a beautiful open city of Yueyang on its south. It is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in researching and developing, producing and trading business of new chemical materials. As the leading enterprise of phosgene and fine chemical products in China, our company gives full play to the advantages of phosgene resources and it uses new isocyanate materials to produce pesticide technical material, pharmaceutical intermediates and ?chemical intermediates. Hunan Gofar is accredited as a high-tech enterprise and a new chemical material production enterprise by Hunan province....

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    • Add.:  Luxun St., Lucheng Town, Yunxi Dist., Yueyang, China.
    • Postal Code:  414013
    • Tel:  +86-730-8461060,+86-730-8462188
    • +86-730-8463100,+86-730-8461271
    • Fax:  +86-730-8461271,+86-730-8462188
    • E-mail:hngf-zjb@163.com, hngf@hunangofar.com

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